Illustrations Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator
I wanted to create something unique, in an ancient setting, styled in a fantasy-like way; so I decided to illustrate a dragon using Photoshop's pen and brush tools. I incorporated my style of fine pen lines and solid colors, but used shading with the brush to give the two-dimensional graphic more three-dimensional life.

These are watercolor portraits of my two cats, Queen Smoki and Admiral Toki. The cats were physically drawn with a felt tip pen, and Toki was painted in with blended watercolors. I added effects and frames around original drawings using Photoshop.

Sometimes maps are more than just a functional tool; they can be a work of art! I wanted to create an illustration of the world, that featured antique elements, transcended into appealing art for the modern eye. This piece was done in Illustrator, using pen and brush tools.

As some of you may know, I have a fondness for goats, and am often oddly inspired by them. This piece is a dedication to my music. I drew this in Illustrator, using the brush tool alone.

Game of Thrones is quite possibly my favorite TV show of all time. That being said, I entered their art poster contest! This is the poster in the making; stay tuned for when I reveal the final poster, before submitting to GoT.

I'm deeply inspired by the fashion, furniture, styles, and culture of the 1960's. Here I've illustrated a poppy flower, styled in a Warhol-esk pop art, clean minimalist, and modernized-retro manner. For this retro-inspired, Japanese tattoo-type piece, I used the pen and brush tools in Illustrator.

3D Graphics Cinema 4d
This delicious 3d strawberry, created in Cinema 4d, was developed as a vital component of these advertisements (fine tuned with Photoshop). I constructed the strawberry, this advertisement, and several other web graphics for the my client at the amazing Strawberry Ice Salon, San Francisco.

This is a 3-dimensional pokeball, modeled in Cinema 4d, and made to look as if a window or light is reflecting off the surface. Looks pretty realistic, almost like you can reach in and "catch 'em all", eh?

This 3d water droplet was made for an ad campaign I worked on for a client. The droplet represents the clean and hydrating nature of the substances used in the BioVapes product. This droplet was modeled in Cinema 4d.

Graphic Art Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator
These commercial label designs and logos were created in Photoshop at the request of a client of mine. I also developed their product website, along with several marketing materials.

At a friend's request, I custom designed his page's background, offline screen graphic, loading screen graphic, and header. Since AyuReady dominates diamond league, i thought it'd suit him to have a StarCraft theme.

Using Photoshop and Illustrator, I designed these delightful action-sports graphics, perfect for a skating or extreme sports company advertisement or poster. Here we see elements of 1950's retro, modernized with futuristic whimsy.

This is the menu I designed in Photoshop, and coded in HTML5 for, a website I am designing and developing for a client. LemieuxChem is an online chemistry classroom coming summer 2013.

Mercy is a talented singer, songwriter, and client of mine, whom I designed this t-shirt print and poster for. I also designed and developed her past and current websites, web graphics, and promotional flyers.

The fun part about blogging in my opinion, is making all the graphics. Here are a couple graphics from my interior design blog. They are mock-up room images I designed using Photoshop, featuring products I market on my blog.

These are a couple pages out of a children's book I'm writing and illustrating for an educational publishing company. It was created using Photoshop and Illustrator, and is designed to help teach basic reading and functional skills to young adults. is a natural skincare and cosmetics company I created. I designed this poster in Photoshop, as part of my Lemon Shoppe marketing campaign. This poster was seen by my blog viewers, facebook fans, and Etsy circle members. I designed all labels and packaging, took all pictures, created (and currently maintain) the website and Etsy online shop, and handcrafted all of the products myself. You can check it out at

US Exteriors is a pavers and masonry company I worked for from 2009 to 2013. This is a design I created for a small brochure mailer. I also maintained the company website, and created various graphics, advertisements, and marketing materials.

Outdoor Excursions is a non-profit company I worked for from 2006 to 2009. This is a cover page and inside page advertisement that I designed for the Outdoor Excursions monthly trip catalog, sent to over 20,000 potential customers.

Here are my album covers I designed and illustrated in Photoshop, along with a promotional poster of my music brand. The Nick of Time album is an EP, featuring 3 new songs. The Fields album features 9 indietronic and electronic pop songs I composed in Fruity Loops music production software.

Logo Design Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator is a natural skincare and cosmetics company I created. I designed this logo in Photoshop, and made sure to give it a cute, modern look, while maintaining it's appeal to audiences who crave organic skincare remedies. I designed all labels and packaging, took all pictures, created (and currently maintain) the website and Etsy online shop, and handcrafted all of the products myself. You can check it out at

I used Illustrator and Photoshop to construct the BioVapes logo. I conceptualized a healthy, simplistic, and natural feel, and came up with this minimal, modern design with a pop of eye-catching color.

Since US Exteriors is a pavers company, I created a logo that represents exactly what the company stands for; good, solid pavers. The diamond shapes represent the quality materials that US Exteriors uses, and the bold gray color and straight lines represent professionalism.

LevelUp Publications is an educational textbook, reader, and functional skills book publishing company. Each icon represents the core of what the company stands for: education of young adults through reading, instructional, and web materials.

As Connie Hurd is a musician, band teacher, and private tutor, the logo I created for her portrays her favorite instrument and her field of expertise. You can view the website I created for her here

Forever Friends is Lemon Shoppe's subsidiary, and producer of high-end children's clothing. This logo was created in Photoshop, and illustrates the soft and sweet, quaint cottage theme of Forever Friends's clothes and shop.

ED Youth Research Foundation is an educational non-profit, dedicated to providing knowledge, understanding, and support for emotionally disturbed youths. This logo was created in Photoshop for their donation page and website.

Photography Canon ELPH 110HS
This is a marketing shot I took for my online store, Lemon Shoppe. Pictures are some of the products from my store. I designed, created, published, and printed all labels, logos, and packaging. You can view my store's website at

This is a marketing shot I took for my online store, Lemon Shoppe. You can view my store's website at

These ads feature shots I took in the mountains with model, Naomi Sato. She is wearing pieces from a collection by Goat Amphibia Apparel, a retro, vintage, and eccentric clothing & fashion design company I ran last year. It featured some swimsuit designs I created, and came equipped with a website, where I sold fashions I designed and sewed myself, along with other vintage apparel. Featured in these photos is a swimsuit design I created and tailored.

This is one of my personal favorites. I shot this in downtown Redlands at the perfect moment as a cowgirl boot scooted up the back staircase of an old movie theatre.

Here's a moment I captured of my adorable kitten, Maybee (named after my favorite Arrested Development character). In the background, there's a portion of some DJ equipment, which I thought was appropriately placed within the photo, considering the name of this photo is "Cats Like to Scratch".

These are the beautiful tulips planted in front of a gorgeous mountain cottage in the California national forests. I snapped these photos for my clients' bed and breakfast, and also built their website to advertise and market their lovely place. View the website I created for this client at

Music Video Fruity Loops/After Effetcs

Sneak Peek of Upcoming Music Video for "I try"

This is a short music video clip I filmed in a friend's backyard with a Canon ELPH 110HS, and edited with After Effects. I wanted to feature a snippet of my newest popstep, indietronic song, "I try", that advocates the strife for simplicity at its best. I made this video to show my video editing and music production skills. You can download my album at, or hear a few songs from my album Fields, below.